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Sadhana in the morning- Kundaliniyoga

Please bring your own blanket, mat and drinks!
Kundaliniyoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) is a profund technology, an exploration to meet your Self.The interweaving of different aspects such as Asana (bodypostures), Pranayama (breathing exercices), Mantra and the concious contact wit the Bandhas (bodylocks) is unique to this style.
Kundaliniyoga is dynamic, challenging, as well as meditative, relaxing and opening.
The mind gets conciously directed to an access of deeper levels of being.
It is an experience to dive into the inside and to conciously meet the unknown! Get involved!

Kundaliniyoga "The Longing to belong"

In this Workshop we will discover our longings and desires - pause - and breathe into our heart, to open to new possibilities of understanding.
As we get cut off from the umbilical cord we experience life as a "seperated" unit.
Most of the pain we experience in life comes from this realization.
This gap, this pain we feel is unavoidable and therefore can be the point from which conciousness can evolve.
All longing is the longing to the One in us!
But how do we live it? Are our actions really serving us or are we trying not to feel the seperation?
There is a possibility of feeling belonging by going inward, instead of filling the gap through outer stimulations. Through the technology of Kundaliniyoga and the science of Karam Kriya (applied numerology) i invite you to bring all of you into this journey.
We will explore how to use this powerful energy in a positive way.
How we can meet our longings, turn them to our Selfs so that they may fall on a fertile ground...
to be the seed
the moment to breathe
in the heart of realization.

Devotional Singing

Be invited to share your heart, to share your truth within your voice!
Let us create an open and deep space in which we can vibrate together.
We will sing devotional music and Mantras from around the world and share them in the Circle!

Alicia Kreutzmann (Prithi Nivas Kaur)

is a naturopath, phytotherapist, kundaliniyogateacher, musician, bodyworker (Lomi Lomi) and a student of Karam Kriya (applied numerology). She devoted her life to serve the growth of conciousness. She is organizing retreats and Workshops about those topics on festivals and different places in Europe.


Our voice is our mouthpiece into the world. It enables authentic expression and communication with others. At the same time our voice mirrors many of our beliefs, it's not beautiful enough, sounds squeaky, clatters, stammers, strikes a false note etc.. We're standing in our own way blocking our free expression. VoiceYoga opens a space for us to explore our voice and the body-voice connection playfully. To leave old beliefs behind that don't serve us and embark on a journey of discovery. Both voice and body are anchors in the present and show us the way to being free. VoiceYoga is the combination of yoga poses, breathwork, holistic voice work and mantra singing. On a physical as well as energetical level we're connecting our abdominal force with the heart (chest voice) and the head (head voice). This sets free our potential. In VoiceYoga we're humming and buzzing, toning and singing, screaming, laughing and listening to silence. We experience how body and sound influence each other. Sinking deep into our own vibration, finding our inner voice.

Spreading Our Wings – Yoga for free breath

Yoga connects body, mind and soul. In this yoga session we focus on the lungs. A nice flow and twists help us to spread our wings in all directions and bring new life to those corners of our lungs that we have neglected. We explore how the new found inner freedom of our breath effects our thinking and feeling and how spreading our wings lifts our being into higher spheres.

Amelie Quack

sees herself as a bridgebuilder between people and worlds, between body and mind, thinking and feeling, between the obvious and the hidden potential. She studied psychology and cognitive neuroscience in Munich and Australia. To balance out this overly intellectual training she got onto the path of yoga. Here she learns to listen closer to her body and sense finer and finer. In yoga she also discovered how much she enjoys singing and that she can touch people's hearts with her voice. In her work she connects the different pieces of her path: Mind, body and voice. She opens up spaces for people to meet themselves and others in a playful and free way – using the voice and body. She's based in Munich, teaches yoga and VoiceYoga there and at festivals, leads singing circles and gives concerts. Besides she writes for the blog "God Says No Underwear" and as a Feelgood Manager gets business people onto the path of mindfulness.

Play Dance

Be on the move and encounter with your own life energy.
In this Contact Improvisation Workshop I mainly want to play with you - it's the easiest way to learn by playing ... that's how it is with me! I'll give you a few fun games, small tasks to try, a few CI basics to chew and the space to explore the whole thing more freely. This workshop is for new "CI snoopers" and for those who would like to tickle their own patterns.

ROOT WINGS - Lifts in Contact Improvisation

Take off? Fly? Floating in the air? It takes a bit of technique for it untill it works! With different approaches we try out how a lift can arise as easily as possible, organically and freely in a dance duet Activating your own center and the extremities are an important tool for this. We explore how we can use our own structure meaningfully and flexibly in the dance. Gravity and the supporting ground are dance partners for our duet.

Flurin Kappenberger

is a polyvalent life artist who is on a journey of discovery in a playful and exploratory way. I am a professional dancer, circus artist and musician in the circus Chnopf, in the own company (www.ldcollective.org) and at ÖffÖff.
Contact Improvisation and the dance of the 5 Rhythms are my home. I am a Shiatsu and LomiLomi practitioner in training.
I do improv music for people who like to move (Hu-Dances). Completely free of pressure, expectations, constraints and limitations, I find my expression easiest. That's why I love to play so much.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is a holistic bodywork method which traditionally combines an individually adjusted sequence of stretching with pressure point and energyline massage. Its aim is to open up blockades in joints and up-tightened muscles as well as harmonizing the whole energy system of the body.
We start the workshop with a soft Yoga sequence after which we work step by step through a Thai-Massage sequence.
I will demonstrate the basic technics on each round.
The Workshop is open for everyone, no matter if you come on your own or with a partner.

Bodywork into Contact

This class is an invitation to find an effortless flow of movement and a soft strength through bodywork.
Bodywork teaches us about different qualities of touch and about our inner alignment. It is also a wonderful way to let our nervous system integrate our experiences and allows us to move from an relaxed state of mind.

Irina Trippel

Irina is a cultural pedagogue, dancer and networker born in Kirgistan and now based in Freiburg. She is interested in collaborative projects that connect meaningful meetings with the world through art, group sharing practices and various body-mind connecting practices. To unite the necessary dialogue between feeling and thinking, experiencing and reflecting is a major interest of her.
During her studies in culture pedagogy she encountered CI and is practicing and researching within that field ever since. Her bachelor thesis „Contact Improvisation- percieving, moving and creating in relationships“ brought her a deeper and wider understanding of the origin of the form and inspires her to contribute to its continues shaping.
She graduated last year as a certified Hatha Yoga teacher. The combination of clear alignment and grounded-ness in yoga and free flow of movement in contact improvisation creates a perfect balance in her life. Another passion is to work with hands by giving Thai Massage.

A touch of Hawaiian massage

Aloha-Massage ritual

"From flow in the dance ... to flow on the body"

In this workshop, we will deepen our love and awareness of our body, the temple of the soul. Supported by music, breath, and the conscious dance from our center, we follow the flow of our movement and live it through us and in contact with others, as the "unique beings" that we are. For this "being in touch" we give each other an oil massage, "a dance with the landscape"; a touch of Hawaiian massage. Stretch out, relax and enjoy! Please bring cloth / towel and oil. The massage is carried out on the floor.

Kabiro Eva Scheller

teaches and practise Hawaiian Healing Massage, Body-Awareness ,Yoga, Counseling and Contact-Improvisation since over 15 years.She has a very  joy- and truthful way to lead people into their unique movement- and life-potential. She dances Contact-Improvisation since 1994 together with different teachers from the USA and Europe and is organising the OsterimproFestival and the HealingheartFestival and she accompanies groups to Hawaii.


Move. Connect. Play // Flying Therapeutics
AcroYoga combines the spiritual knowledge of yoga, the loving compassion of Thai massage, and the dynamics and power of gentle partner acrobatics. These three ancient traditions form the practice, which focuses on trust, connection and playfulness. I would like to invite you on a gentle journey of compassion and loving heart-to-heart communication. Confidently and in an attentive atmosphere, we connect with our breath and give us healing touches. Playfully, we will fly the techniques learned on the ground into flying, using the element of gravity to amplify the healing flow of prana. Connected, we bravely land on the feet of a partner in the spirit of give and take and meditate in weightlessness. All are welcome. No yoga or massage experience necessary

Contact Improvisation

Upside down // Heart over head
Upside down // Heart over head In Contact Improvisation we can rely on three things: 1. on ourselves, 2. that gravity always works downwards, and 3. that the ground carries our full weight at all times. In this workshop we will learn to appreciate disorientation together and embark on an acrobatic journey into Contact Improvisation. Often in dance there are positions and sequences of movements that are unusual and turn everything upside down. Ideally, we use a relaxed stress body. Hanging upside down, falling falls can lead to disorientation and surprises. I want to dissolve movement habits with you and experiment with new and free movement possibilities. Let's dance.

Stefanie Rose

is a social pedagogue & movement pedagogue with additional qualificatin in Psychomotoric, a Yoga & AcroYoga Teacher.
Since 2010 she has offered workshops, courses, trainings, jams and retreats in Contact Improvisation & AcroYoga.
With great care, she devotes herself to Contact Improvisation and complements her offer with the healing power of the Yoga-Thai massage. Again and again, she can be inspired by further education, seminars in intuitive bodywork, as well as in 2014 with her degree to become a yoga teacher and 2018 AcroYoga teacher. She loves what she does and does so with a certain dedication, intuition and enthusiasm that is contagious and inviting.

Contact improvisation in Nature

Dancing in nature, you have the option, through inspirational impulses, playfully discover and experience yourself and the environment.
Elements like slow motion, eavesdropping, principles of contact improvisation, perceiving the structures of plants, the earth and the elements, serve as inspiration for dancing and sensual experience.

Somatic self-experience in dance, with contact improvisation, creative expression, “Ausdruckstanz“ , breath and voice

Playing with the sense of dance ... discover the sense of dance ...
An experimental space to enjoy movement, tranquility, silence and sound.
Listen to what may show and turn to the known and unknown. See how life feels in you, what speed is right for you and what inspires you in the field of the group.
The dance and movement improvisation can take you on a journey, in feeling, experiencing and wondering. Principles and impulses from contact Improvisation and creative expressive dance invite you to research and discover.

Taro Tikitiki

The music, dance and movement improvisation is the leitmotif, on which I playfully experience existence, fresh and astonishing.
Since the year 2000 integral dance conductor (certificate CITA Munich), dancers and musicians on many jams and festivals, Co-organizer of the Liquid Lumen ritual, Rumble in the Jungle Dance & Music ImproJam, ContacTango festival munich, fellow players of the Soundmover performance group.