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is a Freiburg based musician, contact dancer, graphic designer and photographer. He loves to play contact festivals and jams and hosts music/singing/dance/healing spaces. Coming from music production and DJing he made his way through many musical traditions, always searching for what is touching and finding nourishment in the magic of sound and silence. Toning, Mantra and Nada Yoga as pure, reduced and essential forms of music became inspiring practices.

At least the combination of music and dance improvisation is steady drawing his attention to further explore the dynamics of sound and silence, movement and stillness, connection, inner and outer awareness, relation, flow, harmony, chaos, contradiction and surprise. He is focusing on opening space for the experience of participating conscious in our creative living energy field, from which the movement of the body as well as the sound comes. Klaus uses presence, resonance and openness applied on piano, guitar and voice to empower and sustain space for this movement, a vivid process of giving and receiving on many levels – improvisation as a basic human gift of communication, healing and joy.



Klaus will interweave our Dance journey with his heartfelt & tuned in soundscapes. A seasoned musician at Contact festivals in Europe, he knows just how to tune into the Dancer's field & flow, complementing it beautifully with his music.

"It is always refreshing and surprising to create sound atmospheres together with other musicians. As a percussionist, it is particularly exciting to improvise ~ to allow soundscapes to emerge in the moment; with feeling, flowing and at the same time accentuated. I play Congas, Djembe, Waterdrums, Ravedrum, Ngoni and small percussions".

The music, dance and movement improvisation is the leitmotif, on which I playfully experience existence, fresh and astonishing.

Since the year 2000 integral dance conductor (certificate CITA Munich), dancers and musicians on many jams and festivals, Co-organizer of the Liquid Lumen ritual, Rumble in the Jungle Dance & Music ImproJam, ContacTango festival munich, fellow players of the Soundmover performance group.